Fifth Group Restaurants

Fifth Group Restaurants has a simple, honorable philosophy when it comes to what they do. They love food and they want to share it. Julia Child famously said “People who love to eat are always the best people.” Fifth Group agrees. The best people they know are you—their guests, staff and community. It is a simple philosophy but it translates into memorable dining experiences for their guests every day. They love what they do and are amazed by the transformative power of warm, connected hospitality, delicious food, fine wine and handcrafted cocktails. For Fifth Group, we repositioned the parent brand along with three of its restaurant brands through Platforming™, resulting in the creation of an ad campaign introducing the For All Five Senses positioning. The campaign includes outdoor, print, in-store, web and social media.



Uncover and strategically define what Fifth Group Restaurants (FGR), as a parent organization, Stands On, Stands For and how it can Stand Out in the highly competitive Atlanta hospitality industry. Additionally, reposition three restaurant brands in need of a strong, focused Brand Platform.


HOT° began its month-long Platforming engagement by meeting with FGR’s owners and management team, along with each restaurant’s Executive Chef and General Manager. Through one-on-one interviews, small group discussions, delectable research…errrr… tastings from each restaurant, and analogous studies, HOT° captured powerful information and meaningful insight about Fifth Group’s history, culture, competition, goals and much more. A full day workshop – a Platforming signature – brought multiple stakeholders together to create alignment regarding unique selling propositions, brand values and critical operational and marketing opportunities. The spirited, collaborative session included a graphic facilitator and lots and lots of sticky notes. The result: a clear Narrative, Voice and Platform for each brand, and a strategic go-forward marketing roadmap.


At Fifth Group Restaurants dining out is more than just a meal. It’s an experience. A fusion of sights, sounds, aromas, touches and tastes that blend together to create a feast for the senses. At each of their seven unique restaurant destinations, guests experience fresh, bold flavors in chef-inspired contemporary cuisines, creative wine and cocktail menus, and stylish environments with cultural flair. All presented with Fifth Group’s engaging signature service.